2023 Software Startup Mentorship Program For Non-Technical Founders Launched

IdeaPros has announced the launch of mentorship programs for ideators of software who need development and fundraising support. According to the company, its programs can support projects in all stages of development, including the idea stage.

More information is available at https://www.ideapros.com

The entrepreneurship education provider offers online courses that teach a step-by-step process to launching a new business and a partnership program, where it offers its services in exchange for equity. Both options give students the opportunity to discuss the viability of an app idea with an IdeaPros mentor.

Its mentoring team comprises tech veterans such as 30 Under 30 inductee Anand Kulkarni, who have been involved in the launch of over 20,000 apps, and Fred Cary, who has built and sold tech ventures worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

An opportunity to consult these individuals about the potential of an app idea is included in the Purpose Driven Entrepreneur, IdeaPros’ self-paced entrepreneurship course, which retails for $299.

One can also work directly with the IdeaPros team through its partnership program. This option has enabled the launch of over 350 startups in diverse industries, including software development, since it was introduced.

According to the company, what separates its partnership program from accelerators and incubators is its willingness to invest its resources in a concept. “IdeaPros is the only company we are aware of that will take the risk to work with a brilliant entrepreneur at the very beginning of the idea stage and help coordinate a strategy and process,” it stated on its website.

While getting its backing means having access to its expertise at no cost, IdeaPros explained that its selection process is rigorous, consisting of a series of interviews and lasting for about a month. “Attention is paid to you, your idea, your future customers, and your ability to be ‘a boss’,” it explained.

The successful applicant will be rewarded with a partnership offer. In exchange for a minority stake in the new venture, IdeaPros will handle all tasks needed to go from app concept to deployment.

Interested parties can learn more by visiting https://www.ideapros.com/start-now

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