2023 Long Beach CA Pandemic ERC Rebate Application Announced By Let Hutch Help

Employers in Long Beach, California who still have not claimed their Employee Retention Credit (ERC) rebates from the IRS can use this updated eligibility assessment, rebate calculator, and application service from Let Hutch Help, in partnership with Jorns & Associates, to claim and maximize their refunds.

The eligibility assessment can be found at http://go.lethutchhelp.com/ercchatwithus

The expansion of Let Hutch Help’s partnership with Jorns & Associates services comes to reflect changes in the ERC qualifications and maximum allowable rebates, which now allow employers to claim as much as $26,000 per employee. With the latest amendments, the program can also help business owners to qualify if they have between 10 and 500 W-2 employees, have already received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, or were previously disqualified.

The rebate application service from Jorns & Associates uses a team of ERC specialists to maximize the rebates for each and every client. With no upper limit on funding, the program has helped employers to claim rebates ranging from $100,000 to over $6 million, though the industry average business rebate is approximately $150,000.

$150,000 in literally “free money” sounds like a pretty good deal – but make sure to talk to their experts because it could be a whole lot more than that. Jorns & Associates specializes in evaluating ERC claims in every way possible to ensure the business qualifies for maximum credit, resulting in an average Business rebate of $555,000.

Jorns & Associates can help nearly any employer in Long Beach, California to qualify, as long as they had between 10 and 500 W-2 employees on the payroll during the pandemic, and their business was negatively affected by it in some way. Business owners that are unsure if they qualify can use a no-obligation assessment to determine if they are eligible, using the answer to three simple questions.

Employers who require more information about the ERC program, the maximum allowable rebates, and how the program operates, can watch a presentation, launched by Jorns & Associates. The presentation is open to all employers at no cost, and can be found at http://go.lethutchhelp.com/erc

The Jorns & Associates application service are open to all employers with 10 to 500 W-2 employees on average, including startups and non-profit organizations. All applicants of the program will receive a comprehensive analysis of their claim, specific advice from an ERC specialist, and assistance with completing the required paperwork. They even take it a step further than most by providing full long-term audit protection and E&O insurance.

More information about claiming ERC rebates in 2023, the no-cost presentation, and changes to the eligibility requirements can be found at http://go.lethutchhelp.com/erc

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