2022 – Home Tile Trends For You To Stay Ahead

2021 is almost over and you have to get ready for the next new year. Welcome this new year with a new vibe along with Johnson Tiles India. To bring that new vibe to your home, refurbish your space with new trending paints, new tiles, and anything that has gone out of trend. Throw out all your old worries, bring all new happiness and stay at the top of the trend with the following tile designs. Continue reading to be in trend and enjoy that beautiful vibe. 

  • Germ-free for Fear-free Life:

With COVID-19 staying with us for more than 2 years, people want to have every object of their house to be sanitized prior. They don’t wish to invite any germs into their house because of the effect of the pandemic. People wish to be safe and healthy and when it comes to homes, there is always extra attention given to it. With such a situation, Johnson’s patented tiles with germ-free properties are a must-have in everyone’s house. The silver ions present on the surface get activated when microbes come in contact and kills them right away. The added advantage of germ-free tiles is that they come in various finishes, prints, and colours with which you can satisfy your aesthetic needs too. 

  • Dark Coloured Tiles:

While the world has believed white as the standard tile colour, dark colour tiles such as black tiles, dark blue tiles are high in trend because they give a royal look. You can also enjoy the advantage of easy maintenance because the stains and dirt aren’t that easily visible when compared to the light colour tiles. Dark tiles with a high gloss finish are a better combination in spaces like halls, bedrooms, hallways one can have for a unique and stunning look. 

  • Natural Stone Look Tiles:

Stone slabs are not in trend only for the year 2022. They will definitely stay evergreen forever. If you prefer a classic long-term investment at the same time, want to be high on-trend, these big natural stone look Johnson tiles will be your first love. Stone slabs, stone flooring, countertops might cost you a lot of money when compared to stone look ceramic tiles. For an economic yet royal look, natural stone look tiles will be a great option and worth the investment. 

  • Wood Effect:

This can rather be a continuation of the previous paragraph when people started preferring a natural look over an artistic and vibrant look. You can use natural stone look tiles for bedrooms, halls for a soothing effect whereas, balconies, hallways can be made with wood-like tiles. Wood-like tile designs stay strong and durable in our tropical climate and can withstand any climatic conditions better than the original wood itself. With more adoption of western culture, wood-look and wooden houses have been a desire for many people, and they are fulfilling that desire with the help of wood-look tiles. The outbreak of the COVID pandemic forced people to stay indoors for extra hours, and so the people are trying to bring nature into their homes for a refreshing vibe.


Let it be anything you choose, tiles are something that cannot be changed over a short period of time. It has been considered as a big investment and always chooses that large investment with a help of an expert. You may go wrong at some point of time in the journey of choosing tiles where your experts may come up with a helpful opinion. With more players in the market, we understand that you may find it difficult to find a tile expert. In that case, we would like to request you to visit Johnson, the trusted tile brand in India. One can book a free call with them and get more ideas, inspiration, and details.