20 million users are reveling in CVNT

The current market value of BTC accounts for more than 80%, reaching the highest level in history. The rise and high proportion of BTC actually open the ceiling of market value for the whole market and greatly expand the imagination space of future market value of non BTC assets.

However, although BTC has soared all the way, it seems that it has nothing to do with us who do not hold BTC.

Do we have no BTC in our hands, so we can only look forward to the bull market?

Of course not.

We need to take the initiative and look for new opportunities.

Recently, with the head application RR dVod coming online soon, and the 16 year accumulated “capital” of transforming the Internet native project YYeTs, including 20 million active users and data pools, tens of thousands of part-time translators from all over the world and nearly 100000 translation enthusiasts, the overall development progress of CVNT awareness value network is relatively optimistic, and the future has become more and more clear. Many institutional investors around regard CVNT as a very rare opportunity and focus on its position.

the project of blockchain industry is the competition of capital. For ordinary people, opportunities only appear in the earliest stage, only when a large amount of funds do not enter the market in batches. The CVNT storage mining and RR dVod content distribution mining, which will be started soon, are likely to give birth to a number of new rich people in the blockchain industry

Why can CVNT token ignite collective carnival?

From the above analysis of the positioning and top-level design of CVNT value network, it is not difficult to see that CVNT creates a value network of distributed storage and video (content) transmission composed of many user nodes (hubs). In particular, the technical value of head application RR dVod corresponds to the commercial market scale, which brings huge predictable space. CVNT has the potential of revolutionary blockchain infrastructure that is really used by people, so it will also burst out with inestimable economic value. So, in the next year or so, how far can CVNT run in the golden track of public storage chain and video blockchain applications, and will the potential dividend of its token usher in a full-scale outbreak?

If we want to answer this question well, we need to think about the four fundamental factors behind the project, namely the head product, token circulation, landing field, and economic model, which affect the valuation of digital currency.

First, RR dVod breaks the blockchain industry zero sum game

This year, blockchain has become the focus of global attention. Application landing has become the only way to highlight the value of blockchain. After more than ten years of trial and error, blockchain is now on the eve of application explosion. RR dVod is the most significant substantive product of CVNT in the application of blockchain.

On the one hand, video, software, music, pictures, games and other third parties who need network resources can easily access, use and deploy on RR dVod, enjoy the convenience of ecology and become the builders of ecology.

On the other hand, RR dVod provides massive distributed storage space, high QoS, encrypted data transmission services, and uses DHT (distributed hash table) to achieve complete decentralization. Users with computers, mobile phones and TV boxes can join in and have a good user experience.

In RR dVod file transfer network, any content creator can upload his own works. Users can browse and search through RR dVod to find and download data in CVNT network.

After more and more people visit, the works of content creators will be saved by multiple devices, and these devices begin to seed the works of content creators, just like BT seed, which is well known to us, so the works of content creators survive in countless devices.

Based on users’ high-frequency rigid demand for content, RR dVod will quickly have a large number of high-quality digital asset users. In the process of high-speed promotion of CVNT coverage, RR dVod will become the highest quality user traffic pool in the blockchain market, which will make CVNT token more advantageous in commercial extension and extension.

Correspondingly, through CVNT token, RR dVod can better collect and summarize bandwidth and storage resources, intelligently schedule to serve all enterprise end users with demand in an optimal form, and quickly obtain scale economic benefits by taking advantage of the advantages of token economy in transparency, trustworthiness and incentive. RR dVod will bring CVNT a circulation scenario beyond the current mainstream public chain, provide real value support for landing profitable business, and make it unique in terms of liquidity and deflation effect.

Second, the consumption of network resources leads to the increasing demand for CVNT token.

The core function of CVNT is the general level blockchain distributed database cloud + baas platform, and realizes the revolutionary subversion of the traditional video network industry.

CVNT is undoubtedly worthy of affirmation in terms of development progress. At the same time, according to the roadmap released by project 2021, the blockchain database platform, cloud development and modularization platform, and smart contract with consideration of privacy protection are steadily advancing.

In addition, the performance and innovation advantages of CVNT network are conducive to the development and implementation of large-scale applications. The more users, the greater the consumption of resources, the more CVNT tokens the B side needs. Therefore, the B side will be more willing to buy CVNT tokens to stimulate demand.

In other words, the price of CVNT token is based on the relationship between market supply and demand. With the large volume of transactions in the main chain, the demand for the use of the token is large. In addition to the innovative destruction mechanism, the circulation of the token will be less and less, resulting in the total market volume lower than the demand. From the perspective of investment, there is a clear scarcity.

See here, do you think the investment logic of CVNT token is very similar to that of real estate? They have both use value and investment value, both of which affect the price trend together, and the investment demand is dominant. CVNT token has shown good investment value at the present stage, and may be higher in the future. Just imagine that a group of super applications with a large number of users like RR dVod have been born on the CVNT network. By then, what will be the value of your CVNT token?

Third, distributed finance, the “Holy Grail” of blockchain

From the current point of view, the financial sector is the easiest and most important area for blockchain to break through, which is naturally related to the attributes of blockchain. Therefore, in addition to RR dVod, distributed finance is another major landing scenario of CVNT, such as lending, futures contracts, stable currency, exchange, investment, insurance, etc. based on CVNT network.

CVNT supports the way of blockchain + Internet to incubate projects and issue coins. In short, it is to upgrade the star projects with tens of millions of users on the Internet to distributed financial blockchain projects and issue coins on CVNT. In this way, CVNT will naturally have a large number of new users constantly entering, not only in the blockchain industry, but also outside the industry. Distributed finance can be described as a holy grail level ecology – massive real users, large-scale asset flows, and millions of daily average UV. This ecology is strongly linked with CVNT token, enabling it to build an extremely deflationary economic model.

Fourth, digital assets that can bring immediate tangible benefits

CVNT token is the value transmitter of CVNT network ecology, the proof of using RR dVod service, and the medium of value exchange with blockchain.

In fact, the market has pointed out the direction of CVNT token for everyone – the opportunity lies in good fundamentals, good liquidity of chips, large number of coin holders, and firm market consensus.

In the whole process of CVNT network evolution, CVNT plays the dual roles of settlement token and governance token. The price is based on the relationship between market supply and demand. It is a real application token, which can fully penetrate into the application layer and incentive layer of CVNT network.

Settlement is very easy to understand. Every transaction in CVNT system depends on CVNT, including: transaction handling fee; Storage Cloud fee; all function value vouchers of RR dVod; BaaS fee; contract consumption, etc. Governance shows that every CVNT holder has the opportunity to participate in the chain governance of CVNT network and jointly promote its ecological prosperity, including node storage, retrieval, verification, etc., as well as measuring the balance of storage usage, and preventing anonymous DDoS attacks.

Because of this, CVNT is an incremental market that can be created. As for how much potential energy can be generated in the short term, it mainly depends on its ability to realize smart contracts, enrich CVNT application scenarios, and attract and carry DAPP. Specifically, the scale of the developer community, the more users, the greater the consumption of resources, the relative project side needs more money.

If we had not planted BTC before, we would not have the fruit of today’s BTC. Now why not just focus on the future and plant CVNT, the seed with time and opportunity.

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