16x20x1 MERV 13 Air Conditioner Furnace Filters With Manufacturer Pricing Launch

Starting today, the store carries three 16x20x1 variants, giving clients a broader range of options. Company representatives say the update strategically coincides with the arrival of spring, an ideal time to conduct HVAC maintenance — including filter replacement.

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The HVAC filters have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating of 8 to 13. As such, the products are effective at removing dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and mold from the air.


While most people think outdoor air is dirtier, the reverse is actually true. Indeed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that indoor air can have up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air. This high concentration happens when air is not vented and filtered properly.

As such, regularly replacing air filters is crucial to keeping allergies and respiratory ailments at bay. In commercial spaces, air filter maintenance can also help business owners avert legal liability from airborne illnesses.


For greater cost-efficiency, customers can get filters in cases of 12. Furthermore, they can use Shop Pay to pay for their final bill in interest-free installments. The company caters to both residential and commercial clients and can process bulk orders as well.

The individual product pages also have a convenient feature that allows prospective clients to compare one product with another.

A spokesperson says: “Finding the right HVAC filter size can be a challenge. At United Filter Company, you can rest assured that you can find the product you want at a reasonable price. No matter what brand your air conditioner or furnace might be, we can help you get a suitable filter.”


A leading retailer, United Filter Company provides customers with easy access to both standard and non-standard filter sizes. Its goal is to be the one-stop shop for air filtration supplies and leverages its online platform to make buying products a seamless process. The company caters to clients throughout Canada and the United States.

To see the company’s full product catalog, interested parties may visit https://unitedfilter.com

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