1,500+ Banksy NFTs Collection to be Launched by Mike Lin, Founder / CEO of T-Shirts Matter

California, US, 3rd February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, 1,500+ Banksy NFTs Collection to be Launched by Mike Lin, Founder / CEO of T-Shirts Matter is Expected to “Break the Internet”

San Francisco, CA – On February 2nd, 2023 at 2:22 PM GMT (U.K. time), entrepreneur Mike Lin will launch a highly anticipated collection of 1,500+ Banksy NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The Banksy NFTs, ranging in price from 72 cents to $1 million, are expected to cause a stir in the NFT and art world with their unique and rare qualities combined with the popularity of Banksy’s art.

Mike Lin will hold back 10 NFTs for auction at Sotheby’s and Christie’s Auction House. 11% of the net proceeds from the sale of Banksy NFTs will be donated to Doctors Without Borders in Banksy’s name and an additional 11% will be split between Daffy.org (donated to non-profits & charitable causes) and the T-Shirts Matter Foundation (donated to the arts).

The pricing of the Banksy NFTs was inspired by various sources including Mike Lin’s birth year of 1972 for the 72 cent Banksy NFTs and the $2.22 & $22.22 Banksy NFTs are inspired by Taylor Swift’s hit song “22”. The majority of the NFTs, 1,200+ out of 1,500+, will be offered at $60, inspired by Banksy’s 2013 Central Park sale of signed canvas prints for the same price.

Mike Lin plans to use some of the proceeds from the Banksy NFT collection to open an art gallery and restaurant with his friend Lisa in Bayview, Hunters Point, San Francisco. He will also be launching the T-Shirts Matter Record Label, self-publishing a book, speaking at TEDx, Ted, colleges & universities, as well as public & private companies, and launching a top 10 podcast.

Banksy, the pseudonymous England-based street artist is known for his satirical street art and political activism. His works have been featured worldwide and his true identity remains unknown.

This collection is expected to “break the internet” with the assistance of Influencer Press, Project 3 Inc & Syzygy, as well as Mike Lin’s reputation as a successful art collector and marketer.

Interested Banksy NFT collectors can join the presale list at http://banksynftpresale.com. Those individuals on the presale list will be given the OpenSea link 2 hours before the launch. On February 23, 2022 at 2:22 pm GMT (U.K.time) http://banksynft.club will redirect to the Banksy NFT collection on OpenSea. For information about the Banksy NFT launch & to hear Kat Siggers read an article read by Tim Lince from World Trademark Review about why this Banksy NFT launch is legit & legal please watch this YouTube video:


To celebrate the launch of the Banksy NFTs, T-Shirts will be presenting: Bristol a virtual livestreaming concert using StreamYard.com and streaming on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitch. Four musicians will be playing 20 minute sets: Kris Angelis, Natalie Gelman, Stray Local & ELEW. Abby Posner will be headlining with a 45 minute set. The concert will be from 2:45 pm to 5:30 pm PST and will be co-hosted by the The Sober Raver (Instagram & TikTok) & Mike Lin, Founder & CEO of T-Shirts Matter.

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