12 Vlogging tips by Techmong.com to Stand out From the Crowd

Learn how to start a vlog and get helpful hints on the ins and outs of the medium. Learn about the best vlogging camera, gear, intros, and transitions, as well as much more!

1. Come with Unique & Interesting Ideas

It can be difficult to come up with good vlog content. Vloggers become lazy over time and end up vlogging mundane routines. If you find yourself in this category, start shortening your vlogs and focusing on only the most interesting material. Make your vlogs more engaging by including:

  • Laughter
  • Experiential learning
  • Encounters with animals
  • Failures in life
  • Dares, fads, and pranks are all examples of challenges.
  • Sporting events
  • Myth verification / product testing
  • Make-up, fashion, cooking, music, and gaming tutorials

Create videos in which you respond to questions, feedback, or open fan gifts to interact with your customers. Requests and video feedback should be taken seriously and used to create new ideas. When they sign up for your email, don’t forget to give them a welcome message.

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2. Keep an eye out for trends

Keeping up with latest social media trends is an important part of keeping your vlogs interesting. This is also an excellent way to attract the attention of other subscribers. Keep up with famous YouTubers and make your own take on one of their challenges.

3. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

As subscriber traffic is driven back and forth between both networks, collaborating with other vloggers is mutually beneficial. You will work your way up the YouTube ladder and meet more people in the vlogging community by collaborating.

4. Practice speaking in front of the camera.

Vlogging is difficult and uncomfortable for someone who is just getting started. It takes time and practise to feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera in public. When you’re actually at ease watching yourself vlog, your viewers will be as well. If you’re always hesitant about getting on camera, being the voice behind the vlogging camera is a good option. Interact with others and record their reactions.

5. Transitions that are cool

Transitions are a great way to add variety to your vlog. If you’re using music as a backdrop for your vlog, synchronising your transitions with note changes or base drops in your music track is a smart idea. Check out this fast video with some unique vlog transitions!

6. Music that makes you feel good

This is most likely one of, if not the most, significant aspects of your vlog. Vloggers spend countless hours searching for the perfect track to match the mood of their film. On YouTube, look up “No Copyright Sounds.” The results will show several Youtube channels with thousands of royalty-free tracks available for you to use; however, you must read their policies and include their required links in your video description.

7. Use an engrossing intro and outro.

15 of your viewers will click away within the first 10 seconds, according to Visible Measures. This just highlights the significance of your introduction. Many vloggers start their vlogs by providing a short glimpse of highlights from the rest of the vlog in order to persuade their viewers to watch the whole thing. This is a very useful and tested method for introducing yourself. It’s also vital to have a strong outro. A typical vlog outro will include links to other vlogs, a subscribe icon, and a logo. Choose a nice intro and outro that you like and apply it to all of your videos.

8. Post on a regular basis

Aside from becoming a world famous celebrity, the only way to develop a significant subscriber base is to post on a regular basis. Even if it’s only once a week, daily posting will encourage viewers to “subscribe” and “turn on alerts” to stay informed about new content. To give yourself a buffer, build a queue by recording, editing, and queueing videos two to three sessions in advance. Nonetheless, consistency still takes precedence over quantity, so don’t hurry the video editing or force an unsatisfactory outcome.

9. Use Caution When Using Clickbait

On YouTube, click baiting is a well-known practise. Video titles such as “Biggest secret ever uncovered” or “Prank gone horribly wrong!” are examples of clickbaits. Those that appear to be insanely serious, but are frequently untrue and deceptive. Although clickbait can drive a lot of traffic to your video, it will also drive a lot of people away. Clickbaits often backfire, resulting in an angry comment section turned against you. If you’re considering using a clickbait word, make sure it contains a significant amount of truth; if it doesn’t, ditch the clickbait and stick to the basics.

10. Reduce the amount of shaky footage

Because of irresponsible vlogging, several vlogs have been nauseating to watch. Shaky video is a big turnoff in the vlogging scene, even if it appears to be a minor issue.

If you don’t want to spend money on new camera equipment to solve this issue, here are some alternatives:

Practice shooting and watching your videos back to see how stable your footage is.

When filming, be conscious of managing your shake.

When filming, keep your elbows close to your neck.

With two hands, tightly hold the camera.

Ascertain that your camera is properly centred on the appropriate subject.

To remove camera shake when vlogging, use the following equipment:

Make use of a gimbal.

Investing hundreds of dollars in fancy camera accessories, in my opinion, is wasteful. Unless you are a talented photographer, you should instead invest in a high-quality camera. Which leads me to my next point.

11. Make Use of a High-Quality Camera

A vlog’s worth is determined by the content of its video. Since phone developers are constantly working to improve phone camera quality, an all-in-one phone can serve as a competent vlog camera. However, when it comes to consistency, a decent digital camera always reigns supreme. When vlogging, it is strongly advised to use a real camera rather than a tablet.

Despite the fact that this camera is not the cheapest on the market, it is the best camera for vlogging. Instead of settling for a less expensive camera and having to buy another one after a few months, save your money and invest in a nice and reliable camera.

12. Promote your Vlog on Social Media

Finally, use social media to let your followers know when you have new vlog material. Using your vlogs to support your social media profile at the same time. Take the time to respond to your followers and comments on a daily basis.

Tips for using social media:

  • Between the hours of 2-3 p.m., the perfect time to post on social media is.
  • Use a different colour for your call to action – “Swipe Up!” or “Link in Bio” are good examples.
  • Emojis can be used.
  • Attach a lot of #Hashtags.
  • Demonstrate short snippets of your vlog

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