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10 Best Forex Brokers – You Should Recognize Them

It seems that Forex will always draw the interest and attention of everyone who wants to make money. While cryptocurrencies are a great competitor, the foreign exchange market doesn’t seem to suffer a lot.

There’s a myriad of online brokers where you can create an account and trade 24/7 using only your laptop or even smartphone. Technologies make everything more convenient, but now there’s the task of choosing the most effective and legitimate broker for you.

We have inspected around a thousand services. Some of them turned out to be a scam, some just lagged so much we couldn’t do anything about it. But there were 10 smooth and easy-to-use websites that offered great functionality, amazing customer service, and terms and conditions.

Sp, Tradervn have decided to create this compilation. Here, we’ll recall the main terms and present the 10 best Forex brokers!

Forex Broker

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange. A broker is a service that offers you access to the platform where you can buy and sell currency, making money on these trades. All trades are done in pairs of currencies.

The market is active around the world and works 24/7. You can be a trader yourself or represent a company. Large businesses and entrepreneurs also hire professional traders to make money for them.

To trade, you need a broker service. In this article, We will introduce to you the top 10 best forex brokers today .Please follow along!

1. Exness

Exness is a great broker service regulated by some of the most important organizations, including CySEC, FSCA, and FCA. This means you’re not going to be scammed there, the data is up to date, and the service is controlled at all times.

Order execution here takes only 0.1 seconds if your Internet connection allows it. Customer service is reliable, so you’re going to get support anytime you need it.

2. XM

XM offers you to trend Forex, oil, gold, stocks, and more. This is another licensed broker where your data will be safe. The only risk is common – losing money on CFD. This risk is present on every broker since nobody can secure you from your own mistakes or rapid market fluctuations.

Global crises also can contribute to the danger, but true Forex brokers aren’t scared to lose.

The service is regulated by ASIC, FCA, CySEC, and other controlling organizations.

3. IC Markets

IC Markets is based in Australia and also controlled by ASIC. It’s safe and risk-free, again, unless we’re talking about the actual stakes of trading currencies. The service was founded back in 2007, so it’s experienced and tested by thousands of traders.

You can trade commodities, bonds, currencies, stocks, and other assets and make considerable money. 

4. LiteForex

If you want to try trading different assets, this is the service for you. There, you can try to earn money on gold and other metals, Forex, stocks, oil, and cryptocurrency. This is a legit broker, a choice of many experienced traders.

You get access to Forex and CFD, as well as MT4 and MT5. The website of the broker is convenient, has a responsive design, and is easy to understand and use. A sweet bonus is an opportunity to use some analysis tools for free.

5. XTB

XTB (X-Trade Brokers) will give you access to more than 2,100 financial markets. Of course, Forex is one of them and the most popular at the moment. You can also trade indices, commodities, shares, and other assets.

The service was founded in 2002, so it’s also very experienced and trusted by many traders. It’s regulated and is safe, offering low-risk trading.

The broker has exceptional customer support, according to reports.

6. FBS

FBS is lower on our list but it isn’t worse than other platforms. You can trade Forex, indices, metals, even energies on this platform. MT is also available. The broker is controlled by world-renowned authorities and has a European branch under the regulations of CySEC.

IFSC controls all the other sections of the company.

The website is well-designed and pretty easy to use.

7. IQ Option

IQ Option offers you to try your luck and expertise in a demo account. This is a great option for beginners or people that have come back to trading after a long time. The broker has around-the-clock support which it was rewarded for, reaching first place in 28 countries.

The service is safe and relatively easy to use, having over 40 million accounts. Of course, it’s regulated by FSA and CySEC.

8. Forex4you

Forex4you allows for trading over 50 currencies, oil, metals, more than 50 stocks, and many other assets. Founded in 2007, it gradually moved to first place and the label of the best broker. In 2018, the goal was achieved.

Some reports show not the best tech support, but most users indicate that the service’s reputation shouldn’t be doubted.

9. Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is home to millions of traders around the world. It’s a relatively new website compared to others. It was established in 2014 and has built a good reputation since then. The service hosts over 25 million user accounts, with over 30 million transactions made every month.

The service is improving its teams and aims at the name of the best online broker.

10. FXTM

FXTM is one of the most regulated brokers online. Aside from FCA, FSCA, and CySEC, it’s controlled by many foreign organizations. It has a responsive design and offers a wide array of functions for convenient and successful trading.

Try Several Brokers Before Settling for the Most Suitable One

From a thousand brokers, you’ll need to choose the best for you. They have different features and functions. You’ll be able to understand which one is your favorite after trying all of them.

Read online reviews, inspect every website, try to spend a week on one service and then switch to another. Every trader needs a Forex broker service they can trust. It’s time to find yours!