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The DRIPBaR Fort Collins Announces Grand Opening Celebration

Franchise operation, THE DRIPBaR, opened in the summer of 2021 with a location in The Villagio, Fort Collins, Colorado and has announced it will host its Grand Opening Celebration on August 28, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. The company specializes in health and wellness services and programs, mainly IV infusions.

During the Grand Opening, there will be various drawings for prizes, giveaways, food and beverages, and gift bags for all guests. A selection of giveaways will be from THE DRIPBaR’s community partners.

10% of profits from August 28 will be donated to THE DRIPBaR’s chosen non-profit organizations: She Leads Project and Connections for Independent Living, both registered 501(c)3 charities. She Leads Project was launched in Fort Collins, CO in June of 2021. Founded by Noelle Garcia (Founder: SILX Global) and Qinha McBride (Founder: Studio Q Fitness), The She Leads Project is a collective initiative dedicated to helping others get back on their feet after overcoming difficult circumstances. The group will work to support other charities and assist in raising funds and awareness for causes that help the community.

Connections for Independent Living has been serving persons with disabilities since 1996 and is based in Colorado. The organization operates the Center for Independent Living, an inclusive place for those with disabilities to live with more freedom and the program fosters self-determination, productivity, and leadership. Additionally, this non-profit organization assists with housing services, transition services, ASL interpreting, and offers various support groups.

THE DRIPBaR’s IV infusions include IV Health Support Drips (High C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Mistletoe, Chelation), the IV Lifestyle drips (Powerpack, Shield, Allstar, Executive NAD, Soother), and IM Quick Shots (IM Energized, Supercharged, Shielded, Glowing, Detoxed). These infusions are administered by highly trained professionals and in a sterile, safe environment that is also comfortable for clients. Designed to offer quick doses of powerful and optimally-balanced nutrients and formulas, THE DRIPBaR’s infusions are popular for boosting energy, detoxing from chemicals and toxins, improving overall health and vitality, and addressing more specific wellness needs.

Currently, THE DRIPBaR Fort Collins is featuring 50% off for first-time clients as well as specials on their already discounted memberships.

Fort Collins, Colorado is the seventh location for THE DRIPBaR franchise. The company is listed in the 2020 Women of Wonder FranchiseDictionary, is a 2021 Excalibur Award winner, and noted in the 2020 FJ Top Brands list. The company is currently expanding and open to new franchisees nationwide.


2580 E Harmony Rd Suite 101

Fort Collins
United States

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West Village Calgary AB First-Page Google Ranking – SEO Expert Services Updated

The digital marketing agency has launched updated search engine optimization services for businesses in the West Village, Panorama Hills, Beltline, Saddle Ridge and Evergreen. The launch offers company owners a dedicated campaign strategy to increase their online visibility and improve their ranking on Google and other major search engines.

More details can be found at

The newly updated services offer clients access to SearchBeyond’s expertise in keyword research, helping them to identify low-competition niche services and headlines to ensure that their business appears on the first page of search results.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, focuses on improving both the quantity and quality of online traffic to websites. The process targets organic results – those that happen naturally from unpaid sources – to help businesses get discovered through the use of specific keyword choices that reflect likely consumer search terms and locations.

SearchBeyond has an in-depth, scientific knowledge of how search engines such as Google operate. They assist businesses in making sure their online content is optimized to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and accelerate revenue growth in both the short and long term.

The team’s detailed local knowledge of the Calgary area enables them to help clients focus on gaining traction and visibility in particular locations, identifying target markets, and attracting new customers.

SearchBeyond’s marketing techniques reflect the browsing habits of consumers in the modern era. Over 46% of Google searches are looking for local information, with 88% of these resulting in either a call or visit to a business. The company helps businesses of all sizes turn these patterns to their advantage.

Clients can benefit from a complete audit of their current website, a targeted social media strategy, and visibility on Google Maps searches.

SearchBeyond’s team is made up of highly experienced Google Local Guides and certified Adwords professionals, combining technological expertise with detailed knowledge of Calgary and its demographics. Learn more at

A satisfied client says, “Nothing compares to these guys. The traffic we have been getting to our website and our GMB page from local Calgary customers is incredible.”

With the launch of its updated SEO services, SearchBeyond continues to make page 1 Google ranking and sustainable revenue growth a reality for customers throughout Calgary and beyond.

To fill in a discovery form or access more information, please visit

Other references:


823 Coach Side Crescent SW


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Irvine Tenant Landlord Dispute Lawyer Orange County Quiet Title Actions Attorney

Anthony Burton is the founder and managing partner of AWP Law, P.C. He was recently featured in a 50-minute podcast interview on The Attorney post to discuss all aspects of Orange County tenant landlord disputes, as well as diving into the concept of Irvine quiet title actions and how they can help “settle” issues that arise in real estate law, particularly between renters and landlords and when various claims arise about the disputed ownership of a property.

Persons having tenant landlord disputes or needing help with a quiet title action should contact AWP Law, P.C., via their website found below, or by calling (949) 244-4207.

The purpose of a quiet title action is to determine who owns what in real estate and whether they have any rights that can be enforced by law. A quiet title suit may also involve determining if someone has violated an easement on your land. The person filing this lawsuit must prove their ownership interest in the property at issue. If you are not sure about how much money you owe for taxes, liens, mortgages, etc., it’s best to hire a lawyer to help with these types of situations.

A quiet title lawsuit is a set of civil actions that can be used for many purposes including:

  • To determine who owns what land;
  • To resolve disputes over ownership rights of real property;
  • To protect against claims by others, including fraudulent conveyance;
  • To prevent future litigation from arising out of disputed issues;
  • To provide security for loans made based upon certain real estate holdings;
  • To ensure that taxes have been paid on particular properties.

A spokesperson for the AWP Law shared a bit more information about Quiet Title Actions:

“Following the quiet title action, the plaintiff will be in full possession of the property in perpetuity, as will be the plaintiff’s heirs, and they will also be protected from any further claims of ownership made against the property by other outside entities.

“There are many different types of quiet title actions depending upon what type of situation exists within the dispute over the property. The most common use of a quiet title action involves situations where two parties have claimed ownership of the same piece of land at some point in history but now disagree about which party has superior rights to it. This can occur if someone dies without leaving a clear heir, or if someone else tries to take control of the property after being granted permission to do so by the original owner.”

“A quiet title action is usually brought only after all other avenues of resolving the issue have been exhausted. If you believe there is a problem with your title, it’s best to bring this matter up early so that no one else has trouble getting their money back later. It’s important to remember that bringing a quiet title action will cost time and money. There could be costs associated with hiring an expert witness, filing fees, and possibly attorneys’ fees.”

Persons seeking a Quiet Title Action in the Orange County California area are encouraged to reach out to AWP Law, P.C.

AWB Law, P.C.
AWB Law, P.C.
1100 W, Town and Country Rd
Suite 1250
United States

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Top Chicago Consultant Launches Unique Program For Small Business Acceleration

Distinguished business strategy specialist, entrepreneur, business consultant, and author Darlene Ziebell is launching a new business acceleration program specifically designed to help small businesses foster sustainable growth and success.

The business accelerator program helps small companies and businesses excel by offering the tools and resources needed to succeed. In addition, the program provides companies with the nourishment, guidance, support, connections, and knowledge required to grow. Businesses that take advantage of this unique consulting program are typically under seven figures in revenue and need a comprehensive plan to take them to the next level.

Companies begin the program by preparing a showcase of the state of their business today, along with what their goals and pain points are. The business accelerator program provides attendees with a direction that drives them towards their business goals in the future. Clients are then able to leverage expert insight and thorough strategies to advance and grow their business.

“This business acceleration program is different from other types of consulting and coaching programs since it has a very specific focus and fixed price,” noted Ziebell. “This helps smaller businesses utilize expert guidance without racking up exorbitant consulting fees, and it’s specifically targeted to companies earning under seven figures, so it’s more economical than utilizing other consultants out there who typically charge by the hour.”

Companies can choose from four main focuses for their acceleration program depending on their specific needs. These programs include a marketing strategy review, operational analysis, an exit strategy, or an entire strategic evaluation. The evaluation is a more holistic option for companies that need comprehensive guidance and insight, whereas the other three focuses are more specialized.

“Once the company has completed the program, they receive a plan of what they need to do from today going forward,” said Ziebell. “They will receive a detailed outline of what steps they need to implement, exactly how they need to implement them, and the projected cost to do so. It’s a roadmap of steps that is highly specific to the company’s unique goals.”

The business acceleration program is essentially a fast-track program for small businesses to succeed, and each program has a fixed price with concrete takeaways to accelerate the business. It typically takes about three weeks to complete the program, depending on a client’s schedule. Still, the specific timeline depends on the complexity of the organization and the overall infrastructure of operations. Clients typically receive The final success plan in less than a month.

Ziebel’s consulting packages allow smaller businesses to operate like large-scale global organizations. As a result, companies can take advantage of non-biased critiques, suggestions, and support that elevate the company to the next level. Ziebell will focus on each client’s individual structure of operations throughout the accelerator program because no two companies function perfectly alike.

With custom-tailored solutions, strategies, and plans to fulfill goals, small businesses can quickly put their business on the road to success. This unique consulting program guides companies in achieving, managing, and advancing a sustainable and successful business.

To take part in the business accelerator program, please visit the business acceleration page of Ziebell’s website.

About Darlene Ziebell

Darlene Ziebell is a prominent entrepreneur, author, and business consultant who helps business owners navigate and succeed in the world of business. Her recent initiatives include a book, webinar, podcast, and high-level business startup workshops. Ziebell holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and has served as a management consultant for numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

To learn more, check out

Forward Progress
Forward Progress

20 N Upper Wacker Dr #1200

United States

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Announcing: Learning to Live Your Love Language, a couple retreat at Camp Allen

A new intensive communications workshop in Nacogdoches, Texas, has been announced by Ed Green, renowned clinical social worker and author of the best-selling novel, “Escape from Insanity, Illusions and Lies”. The workshop will be held on September 18, 2021 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in Camp Allen.

More details can be found at

The newly announced communications workshop builds on the principles of the five love languages, which were initially described by Dr. Gary Chapman. The intensive program guides couples towards understanding what their love language is and how it is expressed, especially in a romantic relationship.

Dr. Chapman explained that love languages describe how a person expresses their affection towards another person. Individuals must know what their love language is, and that of their partner, to avoid miscommunication.

The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. It is typical for a couple to have different languages, which may be a factor in arguments. Sometimes, a person may not feel that they are not “loved” when in reality, their partner does not “speak” the same language as they do.

Ed Green has worked with thousands of couples and understands the importance of the love languages in building a happy relationship. He crafted the intensive one-day workshop to help more couples understand each other.

The workshop will be facilitated by Ed Green, LCSW, LPHA, and Cindy Cline, a recognized life coach and Director of Sacred Services at Unity of Houston. The program will reacquaint participants with their love language and help them understand how the pandemic may have affected it.

Additional information about the workshop is available at

There will be experiential exercises so that couples can learn the different subtleties of the love language dialects. Participants will learn how the love languages are expressed in different scenarios as a step to learning how to live their love language.

Green writes, “This workshop will introduce each participant to the five love languages that are so important to understand in any relationship.”

Interested couples who register before September 11 will receive a 10% early bird reduction.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Ed Green LCSW
Ed Green LCSW

Ed Green and Cindy Cline
11702-B Grant Rd PO Box 407
United States

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Johnson City TN Unhealthy Gut Biome Therapy – Lifestyle Changes Report Released

Functional medicine practitioners and holistic health experts Tri-Cities Functional Medicine of Johnson City, Tennessee, have released a new report that outlines ten signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gut and provides information about lifestyle changes that can be made to combat them.

More information can be accessed at:

The new report informs readers of the common signs of an unhealthy gut such as digestive issues, skin problems, and food intolerances. It provides an overview of how these symptoms can be addressed through functional medicine.

The team at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine suggests that gut health affects every other system in the body and an unhealthy gut can lead to other problems including the loss of a sense of wellbeing and a lack of motivation. However, it also recommends a number of changes that people can make to help regain and maintain gut health.

According to the report, there are ten signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gut, typically, digestive issues. Stomach pain or issues such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea, gas, and heartburn are indicative of bad bacteria in the gut, whereas a healthy gut is able to digest food without causing discomfort.

According to the NIH, skin problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and inflammation can all be exacerbated by an imbalance in gut flora. Furthermore, an imbalance can hinder collagen production making the skin lose volume, sag, and become wrinkled.

Bad bacteria in the gut make the body work harder to digest certain food groups, this can lead to discomfort or a complete intolerance. Lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity, for example, could be due to leaky gut syndrome. Other symptoms listed in the report include fatigue, weight changes, sugar cravings, autoimmune disorders, brain fog, depression and anxiety, and hormonal imbalance.

The report states that lifestyle plays a major role in gut health, therefore making healthy changes and choices, like eating a varied diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough exercise and sleep, is recommended to promote gut health.

If symptoms persist, Tri-Cities Functional Medicine can provide specialized treatments from a functional medicinal approach as an alternative to conventional medicine. Founded in 2016, the center is headed by Medical Director Dr. Joseph Rawadi and his team of functional health professionals.

Interested parties can visit for more information.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine
Tri-Cities Functional Medicine
105 Woodlawn Drive

Johnson City
United States

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Las Vegas NV Tax Preparation CPA Firm – Ratio CPA Has Launched a New Website

Ratio CPA, LLC has launched a new website following a full rebrand. Originally named SmartCloud CPA, the firm has repositioned itself while offering the same high standard of Las Vegas tax reduction planning and accounting solutions. The new website and brand are part of a year-long marketing strategy to update the firm’s image, re-educate existing clients on the firm’s offerings and gain new customers.

More information can be found at:

Through the new website, clients can get in touch for professional tax preparation, accounting, wealth management, and more. The licensed accounting firm provides outsourced CFO services and tax return preparation for individuals and businesses in the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada.

The website has been completely transformed with a new, sleek look that reflects Ratio CPA’s rebranding efforts. The site makes it even easier for clients to get in touch with the firm via email, phone, or form-based contact submissions.

The Las Vegas company’s flagship service is tax planning, and on average Ratio CPA saves clients $37,000+ in income tax payments on a yearly basis.

Each service begins with a no-cost consultation, which is an opportunity for clients to discuss their situation and their core tax and financial needs. The goal of this initial discussion is to pinpoint the ways in which Ratio CPA can lower the tax burden for clients, whether it be by applying for tax credits or by maximizing deductions.

In terms of methods used to reduce clients’ tax burden, the site claims that there is no single method. Instead, it suggests that the firm employs a range of measures designed to lower the tax burden of both businesses and business owners.

When a client signs up with Ratio CPA, they benefit from professional advice and guidance during each step of their tax and accounting process. Ratio CPA’s experts will analyze deductions and implement high-level planning strategies for the most effective results. That’s how the firm effectively reduces their clients’ tax burden.

For those who wish to retain their original accountant, Ratio CPA can provide a range of services, such as tax planning or accounting cleanup, and then stay completely hands-off. Alternatively, companies or individuals wanting full-service tax and accounting solutions, from accounting to income tax preparation to tax planning to Outsourced CFO – there is no need to look any further.

With their solutions your business will grow, and, they’ll do whatever it takes for growth to happen quickly and successfully – whether that’s by integrating into your existing framework or completely overhauling outdated systems.

Ratio CPA’s client-centric approach ensures clients receive care and proactive attention and do not have to wait weeks for an email response.

As you have a lot on your plate they want to help make it as easy, proactive, and customized as possible for you by providing the expertise of their team backed by the best resources and technology available today.

One of the primary benefits of hiring a licensed CPA for tax reduction advice is that it saves clients time, as well as money. This enables companies or individual entrepreneurs to focus on core business tasks, boosting productivity. Experts can also predict tax law trends, which is useful for formulating business strategies.

When you need reliable tax services, Ratio CPA can be your guide to simplifying the complex rules and regulations that govern today’s accounting and taxation standards. They take a customized approach to serving each client’s unique needs and goals, tailoring their service to the challenges you face.

By removing tax anxiety and improving operational efficiency, businesses can improve operations on every level. The experienced CPAs at Ratio CPA can also help companies grow by enabling them to make informed financial decisions. With the financial data a CPA can provide, a business owner, manager, or Chief Executive Officer can assess long-term goals and develop strategies to achieve these goals.

A recent client said: “Eli and Paulina are absolutely fantastic to work with. They are very quick to respond to emails and always address my questions and concerns in an organized and comprehensive manner. Their level of enthusiasm and professionalism is evident in their work, and I am definitely going to be a long-term customer.”

Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch and schedule a call with one of their tax experts, as they will be able to help you determine an ideal solution for you.

You should contact them if interested in scheduling an appointment so that you can discuss the best options when it comes to taxes!

Full details can be found at:

Ratio CPA, LLC
Ratio CPA, LLC
410 South Rampart Blvd
Suite 390
Las Vegas
United States

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Secondhand Tyre Shop Burleigh Affordable Quality Recycled Tyres Premium Brands

Eco friendly can be cost-effective: this tyre company proves the point.

According to global consulting company, Accenture, more than 50 percent of people are willing to pay more for green products, but Chris Lett of Branigans Tyres says that “greener” needn’t translate into “more expensive.”

“There’s a perception that doing things the more environmentally-friendly way will be more costly and that will push prices up,” says Chris, “but that’s not always true. For example, using fewer resources to produce a product may be environmentally-friendly and cost-saving at once, and choosing new or nearly new things that would otherwise have been thrown away is almost always cheaper.”

Just keeping car tyres in good condition and replacing them when necessary is already eco-friendly and can be a cost saving. “Good quality tyres improve fuel efficiency,” explains Chris, “and if the car is more fuel-efficient, it also produces fewer emissions while being cheaper to run.”

However, Branigans takes the combination of saving customers money while benefiting the environment a step further. The business offers “nearly new” tyres that Chris and his team source and thoroughly check before resale.

“Only the best ones will do for Branigans,” says Chris, “and the guarantee offered ensures that consumers can buy them with complete confidence. Needless to say, the tread of the tyres chosen for resale is in good condition, and the inspection eliminates tyres with any flaws. It’s a great way to save people money with tyres that are still good for thousands of kilometres. And since perfectly good tyres that would otherwise have been dumped now have a longer time in service, it’s environmentally friendly too.”

Environmentally-conscious motorists may find themselves wondering about the other end of the tyre life-cycle. After all, old tyres are removed and disposed of whenever tyres are replaced. But Chris has this end of things sewn up too. “There are many ways to recycle old tyres nowadays,” says Chris, “and Branigans is very particular about where waste tyres end up. They should never be burned or sent to landfills, for example.”

Despite advances in recycling, Chris admits that rubber car tyres still aren’t ideal from an environmental perspective: “Some of the big tyre manufacturing companies are working on improving lifespan and recyclability through using different designs and materials,” he says, and there are already indications that they may have found a better solution. How long it will take these advances to reach the general motoring public is a matter for speculation. Meanwhile, everybody needs tyres, and by conducting its business as it does, Branigans limits the environmental impact of its activities while providing safe, cost-effective, and above all, greener tyres to its customers.

“There are certainly times when greener alternatives will be more costly,” says Chris, “but it won’t always be the case. Sometimes, the planet-friendly option will have a lower price tag, as it does at Branigans, but sometimes, comparing costs can mean looking at things like running costs or the expected useful lifespan of an item to weigh cost against benefits properly.”

“It’s great that people are willing to pay more for greener options, but if they follow the principles of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ being green will very often cost less. Branigans Tyres does all three, and the savings are passed on to its clients.”

For further information, visit or call Chris and his team at Second Hand Tyres Gold Coast |Branigans Budget Tyres by contacting the Service Centres in Burleigh Heads (07) 5535 2660 or Southport (07) 5591 8633.

Syndicated by Baxton Media, The Market Influencers, Your Digital Marketing Agency.

Branigans Tyres Burleigh
Branigans Tyres Burleigh
13 Flagstone Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

Burleigh Heads

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Eye Care Clinic Behavioural Optometrist Mosman Sydney Sports Vision Test Therapy

How “training for eyes” improves sporting performance.

Sportspeople are always very focused on their training, and many professional and amateur athletes have come to appreciate the fact that training their eyes can improve their overall performance. The benefits of enhancing visual performance in sports are widely recognised. There’s even an International Sports Vision Association (ISVA). Australian behavioural optometrist and Fellow of the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control (FIAOMC), Gary Rodney, says that sports-specific vision training is a scientifically proven way to help athletes do even better at the sports they love.

The logic is simple. Athletes train their bodies, hoping to reach the peak of their performance, but many of them fail to recognise the importance of training their eyes which are, after all, part of the body and at least as important to their performance as their limbs.

The ability to see moving objects properly, locate them accurately in space, tracking them as they move, and focusing from one object to the next quickly and clearly are important in sports. Over and above that, being able to see things out of the corner of the eye, the ability to judge speed and distance, and the way in which the eyes direct our bodies, or hand-eye coordination, all contribute to sportspeople’s performance.

These visual skills may seem like second nature – but so are other elements of sport, like the ability to run. And, as with running ability, training brings improvement. However, it’s an aspect of sports training of which few are aware. One will, for example, hear people saying that they have poor hand-eye coordination with the implied conclusion that there’s nothing to be done about it. According to Gary Rodney, that’s a false assumption. The right training can make a big difference.

As with other training programs, there’s no single recipe for success. Gary says that sports vision therapy all begins with individual assessments. The basics come first. While glasses or contacts aren’t a must for everyone, some athletes might need them, so a simple eye test acts as a starting point.

After that, a behavioural optometrist delves deeper, testing the visual skills that even people with 20/20 vision need in order to perform well in their chosen sports. Specialised equipment is used to test a range of visual skills that aren’t covered by a regular eye examination. The results enable the behavioural optometrist to identify the areas needing work, making it possible to develop an individualised therapeutic training program.

“There’s much more to behavioural optometry than just prescribing glasses,” says Gary, “and it’s not just athletes that can benefit. Some people think they’re just ‘clumsy’ when the real problem lies in their visual skills. Physical performance and visual ability are closely linked, and glasses or contact lenses aren’t always the solution.”

So, for those hoping to do better at sports, and those who aren’t into sport but have noticed issues with hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and so on, vision therapy could be a game-changer in more ways than one.

For more information on vision therapy, or to book an appointment, visit the Smart Vision website: Optometrists Sydney: Optometry Services For Children and Adults | Smart Vision; for specific information about Myopia treatment and prevention visit Myopia Prevention: Solutions, Control And Treatment In Sydney; and for detailed information about Myopia Treatment visit Orthokeratology In Sydney: The Non Surgical Alternative.

To book an appointment for a thorough eye check-up, click here or Call the Bondi clinic on (02) 9365 5047 or the Mosman clinic on (02) 9969 1600.

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Eyes In Design Mosman
Eyes In Design Mosman
832 Military Rd, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia


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Auckland NZ Cricket Specific Strength and Conditioning Program Announced

Steve Buckley is an Auckland NZ based specialist strength and conditioning coach for elite sports people and athletes. He recently announced a program designed for cricket players. To contact Steve, visit

Buckley says ‘Cricket is unique sport in terms of its demands on the body and therefore requires very specific conditioning’.

Youths are typically weaker than adults and more prone to injury. In these sub-elite stages of sport development the gap between youth strength levels and the stressors they place on their bodies is large. Recent media coverage about Steve is here

As they repeat the same actions over and over again the risk of overuse increases. Bowlers are a good example of this. Bowling places a lot of strain on the body, in particular the back and shoulders. Targeted strength training can offset this repetition, protecting the body and preventing injury. Strength and conditioning helps in the following ways:

Stronger muscles generate more power improving batting, bowling and throwing distance. They also increase running acceleration, support joints and with training designed to increase strength in a wide range of movement the risk of injury is minimized further.

Get Faster. Bowling speed will be increased. Getting to the ball faster in the field means less runs for the other team while faster sprint times equals more runs for you.

Being fitter raises your capacity to focus and be sharper when batting, bowling and catching. Endurance for repetitive sprinting means more runs while increased attention equates to faster reaction times and efficiency.

As seen here Steve is strength and conditioning specialist with extensive experience training, testing and benchmarking elite athletes for competition in World Championships, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and professional sport teams, including the NZ Breakers and Northern Mystics. He was the Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the NZ Breakers for 7 years spanning the period in which they won their first NBL Championship in 2011, successfully defended it in 2012 and 2013 and reclaimed it in 2015.

Steve Buckley Personal Trainer
Steve Buckley Personal Trainer

Queen Street

City Central CBD
New Zealand

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